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  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexes to protect against cracking and peeling
  • Brilliant adhesion, even to old enamel
  • Salt resistant



The Solashield Low Sheen is a universal, self-priming product with a 15 year guarantee against blistering, peeling and flaking. The popular low sheen finish is ideal for use on Weatherboards and broad wall areas while also suitable for fibro, cement render, bricks, Galvanised Iron including roofing and most exterior timber surfaces. The Low Sheen will also assist in hiding surface imperfections.


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Colorbond Ironstone, Colorbond Jasper, Dlx Basalt, Dlx Cobalt Blue, Dlx Equatorial Forest, Dlx Gully, Dlx Hammer Grey, Dlx Outrigger, Dlx Stream, Dlx Tambo Tank, Dlx Teal Trip, Dlx Techno Green, Dlx Topelo Honey, Dlx Wiggle, Dulux Baton, Dulux Bogart, Dulux Braid, Dulux Bronze Fig, Dulux Buff, Dulux Ceylonese, Dulux Champion, Dulux Cinnamon Sand, Dulux Colossus, Dulux Corn Kernel, Dulux Deep Bamboo, Dulux Deep Green, Dulux Enterprise, Dulux Freefall, Dulux Galaxy Blue, Dulux Grand Poobah, Dulux Happy, Dulux Happy Days, Dulux Havana, Dulux Hot Flamingo, Dulux International, Dulux Jarrah, Dulux Juvenile, Dulux Lead Colour, Dulux Mallard Grey, Dulux Midas Touch, Dulux Olive Drab, Dulux Otto's Boy, Dulux Purple Empire, Dulux Rainforest Glow, Dulux Rainmaker, Dulux Raku, Dulux Rattan, Dulux Sea Elephant, Dulux Signature, Dulux Softsun, Dulux Sunbound, Dulux Teahouse, Dulux Terracotta, Dulux Too Blue, Dulux Venus Flytrap, Dulux Virtuous, Dulux Water Raceway, Dulux Western Myall, Dulux Wheatmeal, Dulux Zuni, Haymes All Taupe, Haymes Aqua Electra, Haymes Aroma Cafe, Haymes Charlotte, Haymes Chimney Ash, Haymes Clinker Brown, Haymes Cool Jazz, Haymes Creole, Haymes Dark Admirality Grey, Haymes Drifting Ash, Haymes Eclipse, Haymes Fig Leaf, Haymes Gem, Haymes Granite Grey, Haymes Graphite Grey, Haymes Grenadine, Haymes Gunpowder Smoke, Haymes Horizon Glow, Haymes Midnight Sky, Haymes Nearly White 7, Haymes Night Moves, Haymes Oak Buff 7, Haymes Pelargonium, Haymes Pinecone, Haymes Plum Pie, Haymes Red Earth, Haymes Regency, Haymes Robins Breast, Haymes Sea Moss, Haymes Serbia, Haymes Soft Ash, Haymes Tahitian Sky, Haymes Wilderness, Porters Amber, Porters Double Strength Drumbeat, Porters Double Strength Roman Holiday, Porters Equinox, Porters Futa-ai, Porters Gunmetal Grey, Porters Horse Chestnut, Porters Jackfruit, Porters Mochaccino, Porters Mother Earth, Porters Palomino, Porters Possum Breath, Porters Rococo, Porters Scorched Almond, Porters Soleil, Porters Sweet Lime, Porters Thousand Drums, Porters Triple Strength Grey Pepper, Porters Tumeric, Porters Wattleseed, Porters Wet Cement

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