DIB C830 – Bidet Seat


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Instant water heating
technology will save energy which also means that there is no water tank
heater in the bidet.

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10 in stock

DIB C830 Bidet Seat: Combination of sleek profile and cutting technologies invite you to experience
an advanced, sensational and innovative hygiene life. Instant water heating
technology will save energy which also means that there is no water tank
heater in the bidet. Dib Bidet Seat C830 functions when the seat sensor is active therefore
it does not have to keep the water warm in a tank ! Built-in pump provides
powerful wash ! This product meet Australian Watermark Standards and
electrical requirements

Instant Water Heating
Built-in Pump
Adjustable Heated Seat
Air Dryer
Posterior Wash
Enema Wash
Feminine Wash
Pulsation Function
Massage Function
User Presets
Stainless Steel Nozzle
Slow Closing Seat
Energy Saving Modes
Occupied Seat Sensor
Quick Manual Cleaning
Nozzle Position Control
Adjustable Water Pressure
One Touch Release
Self Diognasis
2 Years Warranty


Instant water heating technology enables to provide warm water through the regardless seasons. There is no water tank in C800 Series. It will save you energy. It heats the water Instantly.


A built-in pump motor provides powerful wash and pulsating wash for better cleansing performance. Even if the house’s water pressure level is low, C800 Series provides powerful wash with its separate pump! And also this technology allows us to have ”Enema Wash” function. This is a unique and patented function for C800 series !


Seat temperature can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. When the sensor gets activated the seat will be heated immediately. The sensor is located on the seat.


3rd generation covered stainless steel nozzle secures
ultimate protection from contamination and provides easy
maintenance. The tip of the nozzle can be removed for
manual cleaning.


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